Bike Patrol Units

In June 2013, the Waterford Rescue Squad implemented its first ever bike patrol unit. Events in Waterford and surrounding communities will utilize the bike patrol units and they will be able to respond rapidly to sick and injured people at crowded events to begin life-saving care.

Until now EMS would have to respond on foot through highly crowded events, only being able to carry minimal equipment from a staging area. Our EMS bike patrol unit can now easily navigate through congested areas such as along the canal and utilize life- saving equipment that each bike carries.  For example, an AED, I.V. and drug therapy as well as oxygen and other first aid supplies.

Each member of this unit completed a sixteen hour EMS bike training course. Typically, this two bike unit operates together having one basic life support bike and one advanced life support bike. Also this bike unit can act in conjunction with other local bike units such as the Clifton Park-Halfmoon bike patrol unit. So far our unit has responded to several medical calls with great outcomes and faster response time in crowded areas.